Experience the Wonder and Waste in Our Oceans

Experience the Wonder and Waste in Our Oceans

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The Pono is a gorgeous catamaran and a sailing charter experience we are building that seeks not just to show people the wonders of the ocean through snorkeling, scuba diving, wildlife photography, and more, but also to show people the plastic garbage floating around our great oceans, and washing up our beaches.

We are building this unique sailing experience, because we know the majestic power of our oceans, and because the we know once people who love the ocean see the problem with their own eyes, they’ll be impassioned to solve it.

The Plan

We are a product launch team, setting out to build a unique sailing vacation experience. One that seeks not just to show vacationers the majestic beauty of our oceans, tropical island beaches, and more, but also to educate people about the plastic pollution problem and some of the incredible solutions that are being built by social innovators across the globe. From plastic-to-fuel conversion technology to plastic banks, documentary film projects to scientific research, there is a massive effort to clean up our oceans.

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A Team of Creative Misfits

Captain Jim Holm

Costa Michailidis

Lia Briffa

Lev Tatz

Vamsi Ponada

Kathleen Barkats

The Kickstarter

We’re beginning our journey with a kickstarter campaign and some incredible rewards.

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A project done in collaboration with Clean Oceans International a 501(c)3 Charity

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